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About The Online Barbering Exams
Our online barbering practice exams are designed to help barbering students and graduates prepare for the written state board barber licensing exam. Once you have purchased Total Access to our exam service, you will be able to practice from any one or all of the exams for as many attempts as you need to improve your knowledge and memory. You can practice the exams with open textbooks at first, then eliminate the textbooks and retake the exams as you feel more confident - finally, be certain to take at least one timed exam as if under the pressure of an actual state board exam.

To assist in increasing your knowledge in subjects you may have struggled in, we recommend you take any of the Focus Exams. These exams focus on the indicated subject matter. They will not be timed, and will show you whether you have chosen the correct answer or the incorrect answer immediately. If you choose an incorrect answer, in one of these exams, you will be able to view the correct answer immediately. Each and every test will randomize the questions and answers when it is retaken. The Focus Exams are listed here: (1) Anatomy & Physiology (2) Bacteriology (3) Chemical Texture Services (4) Chemistry (5) Client Consultation, Draping & Hair & Scalp Treatments (6) Electricity & Light (7) Facial Treatments (8) Hair Cutting, Styling & Design
(9) Hair Color & Lightener (10) Hair & Scalp Anatomy & Disorders (11) Hairpieces
(12) Infection Control & Safety Practices (13) Shaving (14) Skin Histology (15) Tools, Implements & Equipment. These are all available to you through the purchased Total Access page. You can also go to the focus exams a la carte' page for these Focus Exams at $3.99 - $4.99 each.

The Grand Exams have 500 questions each. There are 3 Grand Exams available. These are not timed. Passing one of these exams not only increases your memory and knowledge, but also your confidence. If you had any doubts in your ability to pass a written state board exam - you can overcome those doubts by passing at least one of the Grand Exams. You will be able to review the outline of the test as you take it, and also review the entire exam once it has been completed.
These are all available to you through the purchased Total Access page. You can also go to the grand exams a la carte' page for these Grand Exams at $10.99 each.

We strongly recommend you take one of the 5 Timed Exams. These are designed to simulate a state board exam as much as possible. No one knows what the exact questions will be on your state board exam - so it is imperative to study all of your subjects and make good use of the different types of exams available to you here. The purpose of the timed exams is to simulate the pressure of completing the state board exam accurately and in plenty of time. You will not be able to view whether your answers were correct or incorrect until the exam has been completed. Once the exam is complete you will see your statistics: How long it took to complete, the number of questions you answered correctly and whether you passed or failed. At that time, you can review all of your answers. These are all available to you through the purchased Total Access page. You can also go to the timed exams a la carte' page for the Timed Exams at $3.99 each.

Free Sample Exams:
Actual (FREE) sample exams in some of the subjects can be taken prior to purchasing the exam. There are 10 questions on each sample exam. You can access these free samples below now:

Anatomy & Physiology



Hair Cutting, Styling & Design

Infection Control & Safety Practices


Skin Histology

Contact Your Licensing Board:
These online barbering exams are based on subjects covered on actual state board exams. You may contact your state's licensing board to request information on what is required for licensure in barbering. Many state boards provide that information on their websites. State board contact information, including websites can be found here. Our timed exams are designed to be as similar as possible to a state board licensing exam, however, the length, content, format, timing, and passing score of the cosmetology licensing exam varies from state to state.

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